The purpose of search engine is to destroy the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon Commissioner will di

let Internet users become more lazy, let more real, simple, make more simple and convenient function. The future may each website has a page ranking of the opportunity, and do not need to do outside the chain of Shanghai dragon. The search engine will give each website function score, ranking factor is the timeliness of the content, Title Correlation, certification authority, website security, website user degree, residence time, website click rate.

user experience life shortened the Shanghai DragonThe station optimization

introduction: Shanghai Longfeng future is more like a kind of idea and strategy, rather than position. Any website managers understand the user experience, as long as the typist also thought there will be a typist typewriter. Never mind future website ranking and user experience in Shanghai dragon! In the chain of meaningless. The purpose of search engine is to destroy the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon force transformation of user experience.

What is the future of Shanghai dragon

don’t believe Shanghai dragon training institutions, because they rely on money > training machine

we now say what are the contents, think carefully, this is not a web editor, or a developer can do? 365 days a year, don’t you website title, label, description, keywords, it is changing every day? In the construction of the chain, really only Shanghai dragon will do network coding? No? You know not only understand the user experience of Shanghai dragon.


future search engine is no longer content aggregation, but will differentiate into many vertical business. The search results page 10 is uninhabited, which promotes the development of the search engine as the vertical direction. In the future search engine search direct consumer goods, products will be less, I found photography agencies, search the slimming tea, will go to the professional business website search. The future of most of the traffic is SEM away from Shanghai dragon.

search engine development direction in the future is what

site weight will disappear one day, the future of a chain and website ranking Never mind, analysis from the perspective of the user experience, no one will see the friends of the chain, the weights of the transfer function sooner or later he disappeared, and the day will disappear is the weight disappear one day.


search engine will not let Shanghai Longfeng everywhere outside the chain, with the improvement of webmaster tools, the rise of user resources and new media SNS, there is no need to let Shanghai Longfeng specialist alone, any one of the site management personnel (development, planning, editing) can read these. Some people will say that the future of Shanghai dragon is the user experience, this is not wrong! Jobs, but a thought, each operator site should have the idea of Shanghai dragon is distributed to each person, Shanghai dragon is no longer a position. As a typist, not a job, but whenever you need a typist when everyone can do.

search engine does not necessarily need to Shanghai dragon Commissioner

? Shanghai dragon is not a job is not technology, but the thought of

The website promotion experience how to change the effect of the chain

is the number of sticking to the chain, or the chain in quality. Two simple points are two different ideas. Hard to force the chain extension, the ninety-nine percent should have the aversion antipathy. But from a practical perspective, is a kind of silent self stand. In this mode of thinking is very boring. That is, the chain extension, whether can effectively change the mode of thinking? The correct understanding of the role of the chain, find some knowledge from it? For example, consider how to improve the effect of the chain. The number of the chain decreased, but the chain has brought to the site effect is increasing constantly. Presumably, the chain effect that sense of power should be stronger.

The current status of the

2, not a single product promotion, reflect the needs of users. Now the Internet database, which put the amount of data is huge. But the quality is not poor, quality content, high probability of obtaining a database call. What is relatively useless, just a single chain, began to be clean, effective purification. Therefore, for this situation, the chain content requires a reasonable adjustment. For example, in the above products, can be introduced, and the following is the user’s view, give you the right to speak. This form of interaction, greatly can improve user activity, and will be the search engine spiders included, improve weight of its single chain.

1, improve the innovation chain, search rules. Since it is in the chain, we hope to get the search included. So, can not do a single title party. Spend some time, the title and content reasonably and effectively improve the chain. For example, the title is no longer a single product, instead of using the compound. In this way, can increase the probability of being retrieved.

chain, is not optimistic. Restrained by certain conditional on, improve the corresponding difficulty. From this reason, associated with today’s search market environment, such as the war between the search giant, further improve its share, get user support, the quality of algorithm database, make a corresponding adjustment. According to this phenomenon, change the thinking, the chain is as follows:

3, the pursuit of single chain, pay attention to the effect of the chain. The chain is no longer needed to pursue a single number, more attention is paid to the effect of. For example, released one hundred chain, but it is empty. In this way, not only a waste of time. It is also very easy to make the chain. So, better to take some time, to do a chain. The effect of the later period, should be good.

The number of

summary: network promotion now is widely industry application. But out of the results, but the level of the. Take the chain, some are also able to profit from. On the contrary, is just a waste of time. So, for the chain of thinking, there is an urgent need to convert! (source: 贵族宝贝>

The actual analysis of 19 floor wedding channel content setting methods and techniques

C) marriage gas station: "black", this is China put in love saying, marriage refueling, we all hope that love can be happy forever, refueling version of marriage can bring you the most original move, here, you can see some friends marriage thing, to love the most for details of the test, there is something about their feelings of the road, no matter what it is, it will give you a most true love.


wedding services, we are most concerned about is the wedding brought to us the value and experience, so the trading area is to make sure that a lot of friends, and exchange of moderators certified, and if want to have a most elegant service, here, you will be directly play when their own the charm of looking for service, to purchase.

d): the subject of constant law relationship law relationship is love, this is the theme of the piece



first of all, the author will be on the 19 floor of the wedding column list, as shown in figure

a) I want to marry the column: I believe each of love are young people at some time in the near future will be put on the wedding, everyone wants to have a happy marriage, so I want to get married ", just to meet such a demand, in this the column, we can see that a lot of married son, about getting married on the vision, the sun greatly happy, I believe that in such a forum, everyone can find their own position, and that a love touched.

in this picture, we see a few of the more important column, "I want to get married", "purchase" wedding service, "big four", "marriage gas station", "the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law", "wedding supplies trade", "love in an earthly paradise", these columns, from in these columns we can see the details of the following marriage is very important.

I believe that every marriage >


b) wedding service station: marriage procurement procurement is every friends need to experience things, but when we carefully selected, not much to say, directly above

in Hangzhou, Hangzhou on the 19 floor, so the largest local community has a habit of great, so naturally will focus on some contents of the construction of the site itself, this article, through the wedding channel to talk about the content of skills and methods, but also when it is as an extension of a relatively large number after all, a category, industry, as to fully grasp all the characteristics of this industry, and then put into the content of the website construction, can have a big impact on the industry, then this series will begin from the wedding channel.

Talk about the thinking strategies of Shanghai dragon have Ma Yun

Liu Yufan once mentioned, Shanghai dragon is thinking and technical work, thinking everything, and we Shanghai Longfeng Er do more should is to think about what to think? How can bring more traffic to the site, bring more conversion rate, which is not just a search engine optimization on the line.

Hello, I’m Liu Yufan, said the Agam and the spirit of dedication to imitate Ma Huateng, caused a lot of friends in the industry of resonance, of course there are these the former, can extend down. Shanghai Longfeng, with technology and execution, can only be a qualified Shanghai dragon, but it is difficult to become a master of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon about more or thinking of technology, thinking can decide everything. The next Liu Yufan Ma Yun and we talk about the thinking strategies of

on the thinking strategies of Ma

you should remember that Taobao changed its name to Tmall to do it, you will not know the change of the privatization of the Alibaba, which you don’t think Ma Yun is just a brainstorming, Ma Yun and strategy in the Internet is for having heard it many times. His every step, every decision, every idea, are thinking, but also consider the long-term direction.

works in the Internet, could not recognize ma. (I think everyone should go to Shanghai, see Ma Yun Ma Yun) is the founder of Alibaba, a Alibaba in Hangzhou does not really understand the Internet English teacher under the leadership of Ma Yun has gone through 12 years, created a lot of legends.

About thinking strategy of Shanghai Dragon

for example, we optimize a keyword, but you don’t think in user groups, but did not consider the company itself angle, blindly do some competition, and the pertinence is not strong words, even if you are optimizing up, and how this, flow is brought, but the conversion rate no need to follow, so Shanghai dragon thinking strategy, we must think clearly, how is the long-term plan, should do what keywords to quickly rank, but also can increase the conversion rate.

For example,

in Guangzhou, Shanghai dragon do wedding photography industry, but because the competition is very fierce, many of the wedding photography word to do the bidding, and Liu Yufan optimization of the company website (Guangzhou wedding photography 贵族宝贝gtcdj贵族宝贝 and enduring as the universe) and Shanghai have not had sex in bidding, the first Guangzhou Shanghai dragon of optimization is the "Guangzhou wedding photography" in a word, in a very long period of time, our company website has been ranked in the sixth page, at that time, Guangzhou Shanghai dragon after a double think, give the company made a net activity theme: free experience shooting, then we and some cooperation forum, we use their platform. They use our brand to boost their forum, with the promotion of this activity, finally made the very end.


Taobao guests how Taobao shopkeeper AmoyDo Wangzhuan do not fall into the lottery money trap

"… The credibility of the stability of money project, the most popular item, you only have a certain principal, earning 500 yuan really is not difficult, professional color figures out a plan for us, the winning rate of more than 80%…" "special," lottery master ", he specialized on gambling money to survive…" "we have a professional instructor for us to analyze the number… Probability problem, as long as the analysis of its probability, then the chance of winning the lottery will rise sharply…" "money project for beginner alone, join our lottery lottery program, we project group will have the guidance of a teacher, timing analysis can predict the trend for everyone provide timely lottery each period, through the analysis of the results, the winning rate of 80%. It’s not a problem to arrange your funds and tracking plan reasonably and earn tens of dollars every day. "

that’s just what I stumbled across, and here’s a brief demonstration:

The so-called "

" lottery lottery expert "master", in fact is an agent of a lottery platform, the platform will according to his membership in the lottery platform consumption how many there are about 10% of the Commission, so they are hard to promote what experts take you earn 500 yuan "and so on, in fact, the lottery platform to make money," experts "to make money, so, the ultimate victims who plays the gambling man, some lottery agent make HeiXinQian, called members to deceive the assembly line, and finally make the" experts ", lose the member, lost after they kick you out of a lot of Internet gambling group! They are liars kangaroo guess prize, let who earn, who lose money is a liar to say, you think, if we are winning, the swindler can only drink the northwest wind in this world has. A retarded liar,

such a process is very simple, as long as found, no matter which shopkeeper will use this technology to promote their baby. Hey, it’s a free promotion,

actually, when users start on a shoestring betting, usually winning, allowing users to earn a little money, users began to taste the sweetness, huge bets, the swindler began mad money, was behind the "lottery", the user’s chances of winning can be imagined.


Taobao customers temporarily fire, always want to spend less money on Taobao customers, advertisers are planning how to set up the commission. But some advertisers do not give money for advertising. This is what more than Ali’s mother would have thought, advertisers have found that Taobao customers can be useful".

2, on the website put Ali mother advertising Adsense, if you want to put Taobao guest, really still have money to win the space, the next station for everyone to analyze, how to use the station Taobao customers earn money. >

at the same time, the website also lists them every day hundreds of thousands or even tens of thousands of cash earnings map and data, make a lot of people being tempted, confusedly doing gold dream to join the "lottery money" ranks the results as can be imagined.


1, this promotion behavior is fraud, should be punished by Ali mother, because this cheated his child.



so, some do not know or not set Taobao guest webmaster, in vain for these abominable shopkeeper advertising, commission is not get. It is all in vain!


‘s mother is not easy, but now the mom website owners almost all angry ah, we all feel that the mother is too Lo people the money.

! !

"lottery Wangzhuan" is in fact a kind of gambling behavior, is now a hot trick on the network, whether we often see advertisements in the group, the experts take you earn 500 of paint advertising, in fact experts will make money, why would he take you to make money together, eat full support

Taobao guest highest Commission set rate is 50%, some businesses all say OK, all products Commission is fixed 50%.

this set of N more, like the shopkeeper sent more than 400, and that must be good business, the credibility of quite high people. Take a look at the Taobao description of the shopkeeper,

next, highlight a few points:

we all know, Ali mother limited N multi station put on time, long billing authority, the purpose is only one, vigorously promote Taobao customers. Such a practice, so that heavy mother customer service complaints constantly. This really reflects the "mother of the world, untold hardships are for their children," Ali mother has been working for the Taobao children in this effort

this guy is really cattle, really heart, open Taobao spell is stamina, so a little credibility of the shopkeeper, the heart sends 500 products, then we open again to see the description of the baby.

here, happy little Wangzhuan remind everyone, especially those involved in just Wangzhuan rookie, do not listen to the so-called "lottery Wangzhuan" attractive publicity, as the saying goes: the sky will not fall pie

Taobao customers have been promoted, the use of Taobao customers to make money, Taobao dispensers are really enough, indicating that the mother did not waste in painstaking effort, and finally Taobao customers have to play a useful role.


at the moment, there are many Wangzhuan sites to advertise their so-called "lottery Wangzhuan project" in their advertising be in full swing, please:

well, you should understand that this ordeal, the shopkeeper is a trumpet, is to advertise the headquarters.

An economic philosophical analysis of online money makingStart 6 cold facts money will spend, creati

has a good plan to obtain financing in hot areas, to attract a young team, make an innovative product, the company hired us to do brand marketing in the current business environment, these are not difficult, but it looks very warm and successful achievements are not directly equate. Beginning millet thought, need in the passion of the warm, clear understanding of these six seemingly cold fact.

the first and more money will be spent

entrepreneurship is something that requires passion and a sense of reason. It’s not just relying on persistence to succeed. More chicken soup, but also can not change a sales. The success of a large company, the success of a small product, are the result of many factors. At the very least, funds, plans, teams, ideas, operations, and responses are integral to each other.

one day

can not do without planning, but there is no plan for once and for all.

math is a strange thing, especially about money. A startup often has extra costs, but it’s hard to get extra income. In a business environment where successful financing is the key to success, excessive patience and instant success in profits are equally extreme. Two extreme negative influences are not immediate. Plenty of money and patience can easily lead to thought swings.

reading this I believe we understand a truth, the Internet real money people are those who have the products, I have contacted a Adult supplies independent operators, there are many advertising his website, and he cast advertising willing to spend money, an advertisement usually 2000IP station a month a he can give you the price of six hundred or seven hundred. But your website only takes one month to give him 1 single volume, he has earned. Also, like Taobao customers, usually when we hear so and so a month earned thousands of, but in this promotion of several thousand behind, that shop, he earned how much?

reprint, please indicate the source.

many people who do not have direct career experience, are not familiar with various business concepts, like thick business plans, obsessed with prophetic anticipation. Nobody can give you a call to the peak of the industry leader and kit, detailed plan will not be applicable to the execution of 100%. So Mr Wang Yangming’s "unity" is widely accepted.

is a successful product in the capital market and the consumer market success. In any case, cash flow through the consumer market is a top priority for private enterprises. It is evident to anyone reason, before the money in the end who is expected profitable thing. Before that, spending money was also an important issue. The necessary expenses are inherent in any industry, is not the province million, for example on some equipment industry, "to do good work, will benefit its", for some value to the industry image and so on, and can not cash expenditure as far as possible without.

, www.fububu, the first text address: fububu/post/11.html

primary enterprises want cash flow, intermediate enterprises solidify assets, and senior enterprises invest in the future. This is a routine phenomenon. In fact, any enterprise should invest and invest in consumer awareness. Buried in a good product is the necessary overhead, but private enterprises do products, simply immersed in products, not good marketing will be profitable, and that’s all myths. Only spend money on product research and development, it is called overhead, do a good job marketing, so that consumers recognize products is called investment. No Lun is apple or millet, any good publicity product is kingly brand, their marketing is generous. In addition, the team is also investment.

second, and the perfect plan needs to be trimmed,

on the Internet, there is also such an economic model, grassroots Adsense like backward countries, they are producing IP production. Advertising unions can be reluctantly described as developing countries, while advertisers who own products are developed countries on the internet. They put money into the advertising union. Then by the advertising alliance with low-cost grassroots Adsense IP bought, and finally produced more and greater economic interests. And as a backward country grassroots webmaster, there is a sentence called backwardness, will be beaten. So grassroots Adsense hard produce out of IP, and eventually in the advertising League there will be faced with crazy button, even in K and other tragic events.

I remember an economist who has such a brief analysis of the world developed behind the country’s economic model: backward countries usually is the production of raw materials and the development of China this is the processing of raw materials, the developed country is the ultimate product appearance. Developed countries with low prices from poor countries to buy raw materials, and then use the cheap production according to their own patented technology and labor force, and finally produced something to sell at high prices to the backward countries and developing countries.

I am writing this article is mainly to and share your opinions, when a lot of grassroots webmaster to do what the site lost money, it may be more empathy, more understanding of some other industries covered many other types of network model to make money, so that we can find out the network to make money, not to web site.

Do stand to counterparts, earn money to professional

has been away on business for several days, and has not come to the code word for several days. Pour a cup of tea. Let’s talk slowly. Why do we have to stand up to each other?

as the name suggests, do stand to the counterpart is equal to the professional counterparts, like your doctor a physics department to give you to the streets to sweep the road will not be very uncomfortable? Do not say first salary problem, the key is a waste of talent, because you are not a professional experience in this area is not sweeping, so obviously you are not suitable for this profession, you should find suitable subjects into the struggle………

is in fact a lot of things did not, if you do not own characteristics even if do dumpster to professional, not all day thinking about how much a page where the alliance in the GG, how much more, don’t think all day every day can earn dollars, earn much less RMB, because it don’t waste your light station, people are very


do stand to have their own profit model, only know by alliance is not the ability to have no future, we China is a network of power, the station also many, but can make good use of their site IP webmaster is very little! How to use?? I have a few examples of


in Singapore, I have a classmate he is doing relatively heterogeneous Web site, which is similar to the kind of stockings, beautiful pictures stand, but he works and legs, perhaps in your eyes is BT, but this is normal in foreign countries, the key is that he can use the IP Money which is the most critical don’t bother him, the normal metamorphosis first, do you still stand sex pervert?? is not

!My classmate

that he has a good business idea, which is built at first site because he love shoot people’s legs, collect more spread to the Internet has formed the scale, he is advertising alliance at first, but the income is not too his mind, then see another classmate bought a pair of XX autographs the same style shoes, Nike shoes sold only 300 to Sgd, but a celebrity signature certificate on the value of close to 2000Sgd, in a few days the guy had begun the conversion mode, he went to the street to buy 10sgd to take photos and stockings, find a video of modifications, let people mistake him for 10Sgd (more than 40 RMB) to buy stockings beauty through……..

some things by hand beauty is different, to say nothing of the foot, in this way he won a small income, not after videotaping girls were arrested on suspicion of molesting! This is occurring in a real event around me

!In fact, in the domestic

website is very good, professional station, garbage do change template set AD is very good, such as non mainstream counterparts, at present, can go to Baidu search in front of several non mainstream stations are basically in the real


entertainment station also has entertainment station selling, not necessarily the 1 cent 1 click advertising, such as you do play station, you can do some promotion, do card or items sold, this station has not.

How to use the space station do a monthly income of 2000 RMB

now there are many online special garbage station, and garbage station number to see the effect, make money, while the domestic space is the basic establishment of a station can only be a space, then buy a server wasted. And American space can basically be unlimited subdirectories and unlimited bundles of corn.

how do dumpster earn a monthly income of 2000 RMB?

1. to buy American space, speed does not need very fast, stability, the most important, you can contact the station purchasing, the station purchasing, under normal circumstances, cheaper than the United States station.

American Data Center ( promotion Godaddy space 150G+ssl certificate + independent ip+ unlimited subdirectory, +1 domain name only 399 yuan

2. space into M more than a few small space, to buy the cheapest corn, as if the current domestic CN only 1 dollars.

3. buys data, and now sells a lot of data on the web. There is a lot of data to sell between 20 and 50 yuan, to buy some data that you think have a visit, such as picture station, beauty station, movie station, and so on. Preferably forums, such as PW and DZ, have more templates.

4. imports the program into your forum, a data can be made into several sites. The template change can change, garbage station.

5., dozens of stations to do the data. Set up the background. The password is complex,

Set 6.

background, you can set a is not allowed to post, reply, can only see. However, such advertising garbage does not come, no garbage, no traffic.

7. is best not set. Just advertise it and make it easy. Remember to replace the forbidden language in the background, so you can be safe,

8. to you almost BBS to find connection, a lot of good. 50 to 500 connections are good. This search will soon take your garbage forum. Remember, you need to do is to find friendship connection, to the major station to hair. It should be a lot. Or set up a garbage friendship alliance

9. do not have a few days to search also search your garbage station, you can also start to collect money, specific GG advertising, prevailing in the world, a GG advertisement can put the M multi station, that is to say, you can apply for a GG account, GG ads can be placed on all your station. Just wait for the dollar,

2: go to the major forums or need your station traffic to go there. Out of unbelievable advertising prices.

: for example: this station’s advertising picture is 10 yuan per month. Text 5 bucks a month

looks very small though. But you want to, a station: 20 text ads,.3 pictures advertising bits, just 130 + on GG wide >

Time net wealth of Zhou Yu Taobao Witkey.



recently IT Taobao began to expand the teahouse friends broke the third industry e-commerce platform in July 1st, has been low-key on-line Taobao Witkey task platform, Amoy official Taobao display mode Witkey platform with the existing Witkey website is similar to that of the demand side platform released by the task, then the task designer submitted design work, choose one as the final demand the winning bidder, the biggest difference is that with other Witkey website Taobao Witkey only charge 5% fee for technical services, and websites are part of a 20% service charge, time net wealth (the former general manager of Chinese Witkey) Zhou Yu told reporters that the current Witkey website main profit model is the 20% service charge, rely on Taobao strong financial support and brand influence on existing Witkey market pattern will have a certain impact, but in the long run is not optimistic Development of Taobao witkey.


time wealth nets general manager Zhou Yu believes that the Witkey mode is completely different from the traditional B2C e-commerce model, multiple sellers and buyers can choose to submit works a satisfied work to pay for this, Taobao models and existing sellers mode is conflict, now indeed there are a large number of designers through the Taobao shop image design service, but users are the first payment to the seller, and seller of design, can be said to be one of the business relationship, Taobao’s designers have been accustomed to this business model, for there is a great doubt whether they can adapt to Witkey mode. Zhou Yu said time online wealth about 2000000 Witkey, they are on Witkey websites take the task instead of Taobao orders, in turn Taobao designers rarely to Witkey website to meet the task.

According to the 2010

iResearch released the first Witkey "white paper" showed that the total number of Witkey in 2010 20 million, at present, after two years of development is expected to Witkey number has reached 35 million, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises began to try to release the design demand of the enterprise through the Witkey price way, even the experts are expected in the third industrial electronics the business field to creative design as the future is likely to give birth to a new Taobao". In the field of traditional commodity e-commerce transaction Taobao has established an absolute monopoly, has a huge user groups, but the problem of fake Tmall and Taobao mall split products market has been plagued by Taobao, open channel expansion of virtual service e-commerce Witkey is perhaps Taobao a new attempt, a micro-blog crazy pass "Taobao, the Tmall business will be a major adjustment, Taobao will focus on stripping physical goods, virtual goods, goods will be all through the Tmall sales entity", although this is just a rumor, but also on the other hand shows Taobao eager to find new breakthrough is the situation.

Ornamental jujube planting fruit growers good way to get rich

in addition to home for some common plants, now many people begin to choose some kind of potted fruit, such as jujube pot is a kind of people love, also let the business people earn a lot, if you want to know this content, look at some information about pot!

1. jujube miniascape optimum varieties

View branch, view of dried jujube miniascape: Long Jujube and jujube branches. Among them, the dragon has long jujube jujube varieties in Hebei, Shandong long jujube, jujube and Henan jujube Dali dragon dragon.

: Gracilaria jujube. Growth is weak, development branch, branch and branch off of the results of both bending and torsion growth, branch shape peculiar, dragon claw, so also known as dragon jujube and jujube. The fruit surface is often uneven and distorted.

2. culture soil preparation and selection of container

3. seedling selection and basin