Your website can bring what users

As a webmaster

saw a lot of garbage sites, they used to collect the contents of perfunctory users, or directly with the pseudo original tools adapted to write the article, East, West a mess. If this article can keep users, this is the most unfair. Write articles should not only have the central idea, out of the ordinary, let users from the article understand some truth, learn knowledge, this is the true love of the user. Summary: the basic purpose of the user to the site has two kinds, one is to find resources, the other is a link, so we can give the user resources, either external to the user chain platform.

as a webmaster, you have to think about a problem, what your website can bring to the user, the content of the website is the needs of the user, if the user does not need, then, why should it stay. To do a good website, or from the content of quality, either from the popularity of the article, if the quality is good enough, there is no reason not popular. If the site’s popularity is high, even if the content of garbage, can keep the user, because we all love the ride, the hair of the chain of users love the lively website. In questioning their own website does not flow, may wish to think, what the user on your site.

, thank you!

Why should

don’t know if you want to have a problem, why do you want to do, is to deal with the search engine, if you really think so, you will never be able to build a successful website. You can think of myself as a user, the user’s identity to look at successful web site, nature can get the answer. Always complaining that their website is not popular, always complaining about the search engine is not fair, but if you carefully think about, why your website is not popular. In turn, you put yourself as a user, to appreciate their own website to an ordinary user’s mind, you will find that the original website is not good enough for you.

users visit your site, what are the reasons for your website what can bring to the user, each user to access a web site is a purpose, is to find the answer, to learn, and to send a link, and is part of the fun. The above is the basic for several reasons. From the above analysis we can see, want to retain the user, either as a content rich website, provide rich content to the user, or give users a lively place for them to release the chain, if a website is not rich in content, popularity is not good, is destined to be a the failure of the site.

the bread 贵族宝贝mianbao0贵族宝贝/ feeds, please keep the link

Invalid harm and disposal method of page Chen Xiang Shanghai dragon heart – in the web site

also, sometimes.

, a website in

4 pages, affecting the user browsing experience leads to the loss of customers.

website (the template text over page similarity is above 90%), such as a large forum reply page.

Invalid page definition of There are too many ads,

value of 6, for the user (demand) page, when a user entered into our web page, users find the content of the page is not what he needs, or the content of the page does not solve the problem he search keywords, or page advertising too much direct impact the contents of the page for the user to read, then this page is of no value or the user page does not meet user needs.

1, the search engine is of no value index page is invalid page, generally refers to the content page, including our website registration page, landing page, repeat page etc..



2, the page shows the contents of the user don’t want or don’t need.

Some duplicate page 3,

generally, the invalid page facing users, is of no value to the page, its main features are:

today 8868 Mobile Games trading platform ( of Shanghai Longfeng Chen Xiang would like to share skills in the web page processing method is invalid. What is the invalid page? Search engine spiders when crawling the site, if found a large number of pages are not content, can also affect the included our site, and then affect the site’s ranking and weight. These pages are both for the user, or the search engines are not very friendly, if users find this page in what are not, users can immediately close the page. And although the user will have access to these pages, but does not have the index value at the same time, we do not want these pages for keywords ranking, because the page is invalid page, so we need to put these invalid page

first of all, we need to understand what is the invalid page? No invalid page refers to the index value of the search engine, or the user does not have any value, no user needs the page.

invalid pages for search engines, is that no index value of the page, such as website login page and background page file, although users will have access to these pages, but does not have the index value at the same time, we do not want these pages for keywords ranking, because the page is invalid page.

5, empty pages without content on the page, the page may be the website launch page no treatment or not to add the content of the page, the page can not solve the needs of users, so it can be called the invalid page.

How do the breadcrumb navigation

general background is directly with bread crumbs label, do not have to write.

list breadcrumb: home page can be changed to want [Key words] [> > > ––] [] [symbol title]

breadcrumb style: home > > > > Shanghai Longfeng share; breadcrumb navigation

breadcrumbs to tell the visitors they present in the website of the position and how to return.

breadcrumb navigation code

Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:

user experience: after studying these topics, as a webmaster you can understand how to do web user experience

! for holding down the Empire

special chain optimization:

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap


Optimization of

we usually browse web page, click N. If there is no bread crumbs navigation, users do not know where

usually I manually write. How to change the breadcrumb navigation

industry: industry website "Canon after optimization of pressure

> Shanghai Longfeng share / now how the construction of the chain chain to resolve the problem of

you can according to their own background label or code written in their manual


optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain The front page of

because the home page anchor text breadcrumb, writing is home. Taking into account the chain, each page will point to the home page. But this is not what we want to do keyword. So to optimize it

solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

website right down topics:


what is the breadcrumb navigation


code generally refers to: the home page link, the location of the link. Which is the standard a tag

on breadcrumb navigation

content page crumbs navigation: home page can be changed to want [Key words] [> > > ––] [] [symbol!] [Title > –title–]! [content page title]

secondsWebsite optimization


Grassroots webmaster site a year think aboutLive in the shadow of the giant didi tick carpool, can g

along with the sharing of economic trends in the domestic popular, once upon a time, "carpooling" this term is not inferior to the heat, today’s shared bike, carpooling, once entrepreneurs are chasing hot spots. Travel in China is undoubtedly a trillion level cake market, was reduced to the point of such giants, and those in the shadow of the giant carpool companies, how live today,

this gives the site builder a great inspiration, "content is king, the chain is emperor", this sentence has not changed with the times

tick the so-called social travel but carpooling is a false concept. For carpooling, the primary passenger safety. Carpool undoubtedly more is happening in first-tier cities, this scenario is the carpool between strangers carpool, carpooling and tick all the drivers are part-time, all vehicles are the user’s own platform, the lack of effective control of the vehicle and passengers, it is easy to cause potential danger to passengers if breach in the vehicle and the driver of the audit process. Tick the driver and passengers in the carpool platform even after mutual friends, for the information security of passengers, tick duties where? Strange social spell carpool but is a pseudo social carpooling spell of sexual harassment events also emerge in an endless stream, for security reasons, car or taxi is the first choice for travel.


in fact, individuals feel that the most essential thing in SEO is strength. The strength in all aspects, web site operators powerful, SEO naturally do well, and this strength is accumulated out from years of combat in the. Of course, do not rule out the search engine for some special keywords were strictly controlled, leading to across the board, such as wangzhuan. Not to mention this, SEO master told us the secret is: content is king, the chain as the emperor. So many people swarmed, a pile of pseudo original, a pile of garbage outside the chain stack, perhaps a few years ago, these methods can get some results, but Baidu has experienced several large earthquakes, several Scindapsus algorithm updates, a lot of websites fall.

about getting ready to do

a year ago, in fact, to do this site is also a long-term hidden in the heart of the idea, that is to make money online. Inspired by a webmaster, want to do a Wangzhuan blog, so set the direction. In fact, in other words, the preparation of such things is very empty, is an idea only, and then there is a certain amount of money, a web site a year, including domain name costs about 300 yuan, for novices is enough. Some people will panic. I don’t understand technology at all. In fact, you really do stand to know, the so-called code, you need to know is not much, all to the station program solution, there are a lot of mainstream site program, are free of charge, including WordPress, discuz, zblog., etc.. Looking back, in fact, the most important preparation should be to determine the direction of the site, and this direction is best related to their interests, so that the site will greatly increase the odds.


ride in the field do good good now only tick drops and carpool ride, and at the same time every day to come out of the car, 51 car has become silent, and love to fight in the first half of 2015 announced the cessation of business. The tick carpool unexpectedly in the giant cracks in survive, and live many carpooling software only one.

the truth is, when you decide to start, the most difficult thing to do is pass.

ammo tick worrying: tick carpool rare foreign PR recently frequent activities, it is easy for outsiders to.

non-compliance tick carpool, are black? Tick carpooling has stressed that he is the government support and encourage the sharing of economic travel mode, all across the country have introduced the "net about booking a taxi management service management rules" at the same time, tick carpooling had no effect on foreign claims, but was affected by a large number of users drops travel also shunt. We also see the official news, tick fight only in February 28th this year in Hangzhou won the record. On the other hand, in addition to Hangzhou, other city tick platform is not legitimate. In order to prove the legitimacy of the tick carpooling platform in the forum, the author tries to search, found a lot of drivers because of the traffic department of illegal operation in the use of qualitative tick carpool. It is unbelievable for a driver and passengers because there is no consensus, no passenger alarm of ride, was also sentenced to transportation of illegal operations, the deduction is given to explain the government! It is not a legitimate platform in Shanghai, there is no record. The record only in Hangzhou by claiming that the carpool why am the first country to get the government for the record by the platform, it is in order to gloss it over.

Why does

have ice and snow?.


called SEO, that is search engine optimization. Now I think more and more, SEO has become more and more "double-edged sword". Often listen to some webmaster said, his website excessive SEO, lead to web site was down right, the loss outweighs the gain. And some webmaster, through the SEO, more exposure of their web site, and constantly grow and develop.

site for a year, there is a habit, like to love station there comprehensive inquires, such as today increased the number of included, and reduce the number of included, the changes in the chain, keywords change, site ranking. Presumably this is most novice webmaster habits. Also it is most of your blog webmaster habits the reason is probably because the search engine suffered inexplicable blow. Today is no exception, continue to view the overall situation, to see their domain age, 1 years, ". Is a summary, is to give some warning later.

SEO: a double-edged sword,

Hope that the original article was included in Baidu is not difficult

often says, "read books, read skins, read newspapers and read questions."."

although this is not comprehensive, but from an angle to see the importance of the title, just in Baidu blog registered an account: literally published a few articles, less than two hours immediately included. Look at the picture below:


summarized as follows:

1. write unique content, do not steal from other people’s Web sites, do not copy other people’s articles. This is indisputable. Your readers want new content, and by writing something good and unique, it will be a great help to your website optimization, and you will be rewarded.

really can not do, pseudo original, but also the original content changes, plus a summary of what, or according to the original meaning of the content to write a better.

2. content as far as possible is of high quality, can do the best, because this is a search engine and users are the practice of love, but now many webmaster is not a writer, not Chukouchengzhang, so do not learn the above method to practice it slowly.

3. title, try to include keywords, which can help search engine spiders crawl, help your article index in these keywords, and help readers to retrieve content. You can do some keyword search, and then write articles based on the hot keywords you get.

4., when writing articles, must pay attention to the uniqueness of the title of the article. When the best search in Baidu search, whether there is. And then decide the direction of the title. Soft text must be attractive, can arouse the reader’s taste.

5. words not too much, there are 200 to 500 words is enough, now the materialistic society, the fast pace of life, work pressure is full, most people do not have so time to see you two or three thousand words.

above is only the author to do the experiment to get the effect and perception, if there is a better way, please and I explore the soft Wen charm.

In this paper,

feeds: Author: QQ:772340535


Talking about my first soft Wen, how many visits

creeps me every day to the station every day stroll, see everyone to share their experience, the soldier benefit, do promotion for several months, a small harvest, these days also began to write a few soft, because the soldier do is business class website, it had to write their own release in some business forum! Did not expect the first article I wrote in the June 30th July 1st Alibaba issued the afternoon forum is recommended to the home page, July 2nd in today’s headlines Hyun of the day, the total traffic in post emergence has broken more than 5000! A lot every day Ali to add my friend who, in July 8th he wrote an article again, the expected Alibaba forum home page, the visit amount over 2000, over 50 of the reply.

, below I talk about some of the soft writing experience:

1. according to the positioning of their website to the right target website, first on the site popular articles generally belong to the type, and then try to write an article, must pay attention to the original, but the title must be attractive. For example, my first title: "unscrupulous boss, only 2000 months, forcing me to embark on entrepreneurship Road, many people see the topic came in, because the content of the original, everyone replies rate is high!


2. article does not lie in long, in essence, the article does not necessarily long is good, the key is to fine, long, but not grasp the theme, especially to write their own original soft Wen, we must firmly grasp the topic to write!


3. the most headache is how to write text to add their own site to achieve the purpose of publicity, I think a better way is to just a few large names added together, it is not easy to expose the suspicion of advertising, but also because we are more familiar with the station, so your station is particularly intriguing. You can own experience under specific.

4. careful study, intends to release soft Wen web site, not an article at any station release will be popular, according to different web site release different soft Wen


5. a lot on the station, to learn more, as the saying goes: read three hundred Tang poems, not poetry will sing! Long time will write


welcome everyone to exchange learning! QQ:1093236676 soldier website:, I hope you give some advice!


2016 is still profitable prospects of the industry inventory

to do business must choose the promising industry investment, if the entrepreneurs missed the 2015 profitable prospects of the industry, so in 2016 the prospect of making money industry can not miss, first identify the industry, take on the project, then the entrepreneurial wealth industry will have overnight.

nowadays popular industry! May to one or two dollars about women to buy food, in order to make themselves more beautiful, but it is not soft money, especially in cosmetic care, slimming beauty etc. the concept of continuous violent campaign, almost aroused every woman beauty day sexual desire, thus boosting the rise of female beauty industry.

Analysis of

What is the cause of the Fujian Housing Institute, was stabbed to death

for the current society, although people’s living standard continues to increase, but with the common psychological problems are more and more, a lot of things happen, we are amazed by the beginning, and later used to. So, in the face of houses was stabbed to death in Fujian, what is the matter?

5 noon 11 pm, a man suddenly with a knife broke into the Pingnan County of Fujian Province, Ningde Housing Construction Bureau Fangguansuo director office, the director Zhang stabbed, director of the chapter after the hospital died. The suspect was captured on the spot.

Pingnan County Housing Construction Bureau staff introduction, 5 noon at 10:50, my colleagues heard the director’s office came a shout, they rush to see, director of neck blood, lying on the ground.

stands a man with a knife." The staff said, they will be surrounded by the murderer, then rushed to the police captured the suspect. According to reports, the 36 year old director surnamed Zhang, a 9 year old son, the usual good man. After the hospital died.

Pingnan County Public Security Bureau informed that the suspect surnamed Zhou, Pingnan, 43. Currently, the case is under further investigation.

for the case, Xiao Bian just want to say that when the suspect killed Zhang Zhang, he was caught up. Whether this is what kind of reason, we hope that the people still want to pick up the legal weapons to protect their legitimate rights and interests, must not be impulsive, to destroy others to destroy themselves, in the end a sieve".

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Lovers Hotel Management Strategy Inventory

lovers Hotel joined the project in recent years is popular, this kind of hotel management which need to learn the key points? Many novice investors want to know. In fact, on the hotel management, there are many ways to learn from, in particular, some common methods need to firmly grasp, Xiaobian compiled a few important details, I hope to help you.

first is the implementation of management. Many hotels have a good strategy, but because of the lack of executive power, eventually leading to failure. The couple joined the hotel managers need to change in the past, the giants of the strategy, the implementation of the dwarf role positioning, enhance the execution of their own and chain stores.

second is team management. Each member is a necessary part of the group, a cohesive team can have combat effectiveness.

third is talent management. There is no absolute good talent in the world, only the right people, the leader must be strategic goals around the development of chain stores, has the potential to discover and cultivate talents, and make the best use, form a chain in a talent centric architecture of the core competition mechanism.

fourth is system management. A good set of rules and regulations, even to be also more than a few managers than. An experienced manager, should be good at playing the power of the system, using rules to manage staff.

fifth is detail management. Details determine the success or failure of management, attention to detail, directly related to the leadership and career can be from low to high, from small to large.

want to successfully run a couple of hotels to join, then we must pay attention to all aspects of management, appropriate coordination of various departments, work in place in order to allow the hotel to have a more long-term development.

lovers hotel to join the project in the market concern, if you want to worry about the investment business, then you need to learn a lot, using some effective ways to help you save heart. The above suggestions can refer to, I hope to help you, quickly learn it, you can not miss the opportunity to learn.

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Gansu girl Yu silver home business in the Loess Plateau to the Northeast Sika Deer

After graduating from

University, you can find a high paying job, you choose to stay in the city, or choose to return home to start a business? Most people may have a clear answer, that is, the choice of high-tech and urban. But the hero of this article chose to return home to start a business, but also let the Northeast Sika Deer in the Loess plateau.

"I just want to do their own thing", a deer flashing eyes can not wait to eat a piece of Apple hands chopped, 24 year old Yu silver face with an innocent smile. A Gansu Qingcheng County town of Yi Ma deer shed, more than and 100 from the Northeast Sika Deer taste the estate of Qingyang apple cake".

"silver" really neat, "a conversation after shopping with witty and intelligent and childish. She told reporters, to abandon the city in the year of treatment of the industry to go back to their own breeding is like to try and challenge, do not like the immutable life".

After graduating from the University of

, Yu silver has engaged in pipeline workers, financial company clerk, and later in Xi’an registered a company accountant. By 2013, Stephen silver has earned nearly one million yuan. And her entrepreneurial ideas due to her father and his friends around the entrepreneurial experience, the feeling of home here young entrepreneurs do not many people choose to seek a stable job."

speaking of home business engaged in farming, "silver" home side policy is good, be able to make money. Initial venture, Yu silver had planned to visit a breeding sheep, plum deer farm experience in Yinchuan made her interested in breeding deer.

"do something different." After the investigation of the status quo of sika deer in Qingyang, the idea of giving up the sheep was investigated, and then the local sika deer breeding was done. "Silver chose" spell ", has invested about 1200000 yuan to set up your love your breeding Qingcheng county farmer cooperatives, started his" dream of deer breeding".

brother is responsible for breeding, I am responsible for running the market." "Silver every day go out, busy farming capital preparation and open up the market. Feed procurement, herd health on trivial things also is her daily work very hard.

2014 in August, began to build deer park. December, when the house was built, the house has pulled back to live into the room. From the decision to put into practice less than six months time, hastily started". "Silver said, more than 3 points early in the morning of December 25, 2014, at more than 50 sika deer from Liaoyang Jilin province far settled in Gansu Qingyang Loess Plateau field room, her heart excited.

from the Northeast Sika Deer in the Loess Plateau, she worried about the survival of the ring does not recommend