Three experience to deal with love Shanghai adjustment algorithm

1, stability of the old station is still strong in the old domain name weight transfer to

for the webmaster, rare is the old station who has always insisted on the old station in Shanghai love these update algorithm, it has remained stable rankings and included, basically no change, and is revised or converted to other industries, the weight of old domain name will continue to pass it, we can see some good rankings the Taobao customer site and PW site, they quickly improve the ranking is used by a lot of high weight of the old domain name to do, the weight of the succession of the old domain name, so that the late optimization effort.

2, the user experience of the website is more and more attention of website marketing essential

many webmaster should have personal experience to the love of Shanghai, after the Spring Festival, has been constantly updating the new test algorithm, there are many previously ranked stable station which, in this update will be ruthless k out, so for the adjustment of love Shanghai, I own some. Personal practice, summed up the following contents, hope to the webmaster can enlighten.

3, the chain is still outside the chain of weapon Shanghai Longfeng stable is a magic weapon for

in general, since 2012 the love Shanghai algorithm update, for most of the webmaster, is both the opportunity and the risk, if you can keep up with the pace of adjustment of Shanghai love, then you are the winner of the last laugh, said those relative to the original by some speculative success, will certainly fall in this adjustment after the 2012, so we do Shanghai dragon or go white hat optimization way, let their young stand. The Taobao hot ladies original, reproduced please leave links, thank you.

love Shanghai

especially some charges outside the chain as some authority station or gateway station and local news station soft outside the chain is more and more love Shanghai identity and the weights are very high, but relatively buy Links has weakened the potential, and the chain, free blog, forums and other weights of the chain more and more low, while the B2B station shops chain is rising, that love Shanghai for the stability of the weight of the chain transmission and the site of the chain itself is more important for the construction of the chain, so we should also transfer.

from the beginning of this year, a snapshot of the thumb is recommended, love Shanghai more and more care about the opinions of Internet users, this also means that the love Shanghai algorithm to adjust more and more attention to user experience, paste the high degree of website, users are sharing web site, will be given weight love Shanghai more and more high, this also let us the direction of Shanghai Longfeng will this course with the website marketing, how to use the site to retain access to the customer, how to let customers can visit our page to provide users the most valuable information is the development direction of our website.

How to forge out flow over a million, every day snapshot, every day included boutique site


prior to the publication of this article we first take a look at this site in Webmaster Tools of data query, from the figure is not difficult to see this website only from Baidu to bring traffic reached 10 thousand and 6, while the next snapshot snapshot is today and the increase included 461, development data from this site can be very good. This website is the author after 2 years of efforts to reach the present situation, and the author for this site has paid a great deal of hardship. Starting from the aspects of website structure, content, chain, design, the author explain in detail how to do the content of the web site and the chain, these two points are the key to the development of a site, is also the site of the only way which must be passed to success.

web content:

website content is the website search engine spiders crawl and collected according to, can also be said to be the foundation of the development of the site, no good content there is no search engine spiders crawl content, so there will be no good user experience. So what kind of website content is high quality content,


1, the content must conform to the website theme


business website is an online shop and related websites, and the content of the website should be related with the shop, here is a look at the content of the site, from the image below can be seen in the main section of the website is all around online described the shop.


2, content characters must be greater than 500

many webmaster have ignored the article number of words, one-sided to think that as long as the write 200 words can be updated content for the site, in fact, this view is not correct, with Baidu algorithm update, the author thinks that the content should be at least more than 500 characters, this is a complete update the contents of.

3, the content must adhere to the daily update

The author of the June 8th

website add 4 articles on the author’s website experience, a good site every day should update the article 3 above, and a month can not be more than 3 times and not updated, do this is the website content to daily updates, can effectively improve the the content of the site quality.

website content is to stand base, the station, no matter you are what type of site should be a good, content determines the search engine spiders crawling efforts, and the spider crawling more frequently is able to explain the content of the site is very good, which included on the site and improve the ranking is very useful and hope that the webmaster friends when operating a website to deeply grasp this point, improve the quality of the content of the web site.

website chain:

In the

diagram, we can get outside of this site

The design method of exhibition name and the matters needing attention

is so popular in the exhibition activities today, all over the country are actively carry out a series of events, in order to attract more investment, at this time, a good name of the exhibition is particularly important.

for exhibition title "Chinese international" program, there is no unified regulations. But the general rule is that the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of science and technology to the applicant, is generally not a commercial exhibition company of such institutions, but the local government or national associations and chambers of Commerce or society (mainly "China" head of the association, the Association), or the provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of the Department of Commerce, Department of science and Technology (Bureau). As the capital city government proposed the exhibition named "Chinese international" applications, should be reported to the provincial (autonomous region) government approval, by the province (autonomous region) government to report to the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of science and technology; such as "China" head of the association in Beijing Exhibition Exhibition named "Chinese international, put forward" application you need to, the Provincial Department of Commerce or science and Technology Department issued consent application letter.

is specified by the State Council in charge of the Ministry of Commerce of the exhibition industry because of the unified management of government departments, commercial trade, so be approved "China International Exhibition title" most of the government departments.

on accurate. The theme of the exhibition is the key phrase in the name of the exhibition, which is the concentrated expression of the scope and the object of the exhibition. For example, China international software & Information Service Fair (Dalian), Chinese (Chongqing) International cloud computing technology products Expo and Beijing International Exhibition of networking applications, although the theme of the exhibition are related to computer and Internet technology, but the computer software, cloud computing and networking is the specialized niche concept, so the 3 exhibition the exhibition area and the service object is not the same.

to accurately design exhibition in the name of the exhibition theme phrase, must respect the industry standards or industry related habits. If the exhibition theme of the architectural ceramics exhibition can not be used "ceramic tile", the theme of the exhibition should not be called "small animals". In this regard, the industry associations, professional societies in the name of the concept on the industry or professional into the theme of the show, is relatively appropriate. Such as China (Shanghai) baking equipment and technology exhibition theme of the exhibition, by the Chinese baking industry and sugar industry association in the name of the concept of refining the industry.

Just need to master the three location technology easy to open self-service barbecue shop

Korean barbecue is a lot of people love the delicacy, but also young people love the delicacy, many ways such as the Korean barbecue, barbecue, barbecue buffet has two strong selling point, is a self-help, two Korean barbecue, so they locked the project’s target customer base for young students, white-collar workers and other consumers. So how to open a Korean barbecue shop? Choose the right address, can also bring different results. The following is the location of the Korean barbecue buffet skills:

Korean barbecue shop location selection skills 1, food street

Korean barbecue buffet can choose to operate in a restaurant street, its advantage lies in the early business can get some other restaurant diversion, but note that the business and the surrounding restaurants are best not to repeat, and consumer specifications at the same price, can be slightly lower.

Korean barbecue shop location 2 skills, shops should not be too large

shop area of 40 square meters in the best to less than 60 square meters, do not need too much. One can control the cost, two is due to little shops, as long as there are few tables in the consumer, will be able to form a good sense of business travellers; the store is too large, if the publicity is not in place, but easy to fall into the vicious spiral briefless ".

Korean barbecue shop location technology 3, convenient transportation

would like to have a good business location is very important, good address is often a great help for the latter part of the operation, how can a good site? First of all, there is a parking lot nearby; secondly, it is best to be near the bus stop or taxi stand. Urban life rhythm fast, if the customer to spend a lot of time because of traffic inconvenience, any restaurant may face the risk of being excluded.

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Building materials industry profits to teach you to open home to make money home building materials

pay attention to observation, you will find that the building materials industry is now much better than other industries, in the building materials industry to seek development is very wise. Building materials industry is a huge industry profits, and it is closely related to home decoration. So, home building materials store location? Home building materials store how to operate in order to win customer recognition? Let’s take a look.

1. home building materials store location in the high frequency of commercial activities in the region: such areas of frequent commercial activities, the store opened in such an area, turnover is bound to high. This kind of area of general land, the strength of the operators will generally pay in order to.

2. home building materials store location in the area of convenient transportation: a large number of customers in the bus station or a few large traffic site near the shop is a good choice. You can also open a shop on the street where the customer does not walk more than 20 minutes.

3. home building materials store location in the streets of more traffic: shops in the streets of more traffic, so that the majority of people to buy the nearest commodity. It should be noted that the calculation of the passenger flow is the statistics of pedestrians rather than those who pass by.

4. home building materials stores located in the area with high population density: residential areas, where the population is concentrated in the shop. Because many people, the demand for goods and services are also large, more business opportunities. If you can open a place in this place to provide customers with quality service retail stores, no business. Moreover, the local customer demand is relatively stable, sales not sudden fall, to ensure stable operation of the store.

China’s first angel investment NGO organization settled in Shanghai

venture can not be separated from the investment, many entrepreneurs often seek to invest in the channel on the entrepreneurial side of the fall. Want to improve the success rate of China’s entrepreneurial enterprises, we have to work hard to build a bridge between entrepreneurs and investors.

with branch center construction of the 22 opinions issued, Shanghai entrepreneurial heat rising rapidly. The potential of Shanghai and Yangpu business atmosphere attract attention to capital, Chinese (Shanghai) public training base of entrepreneurs also took a fancy to the public and open Chinese youth angel, angel will so as to promote the East branch and NGO organizations in Yangpu. Investors are also the advantages of Shanghai, many of the investment team is expected to work with investors in the same city development, thus saving communication costs, which also allows a group of entrepreneurs from the field to Shanghai.

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You don’t need to open retail stores selling shops without commodity

now the retail store needs not only facing the super competition, as well as numerous competitors, therefore, to attract customers, you need to have some characteristics, but don’t shop no goods business is a business strategy. My shop is in the same shop. I am in the location of the earth is not an advantage, then I can only in the goods and services to complete the attitude of the article.

first, I often visited the neighboring shop investigation observation, their shop goods and is usually what disadvantages, each family needs to goods, I have no such counterparts into the purchase of goods, in order to compete with their peers of the shop. Just open the bottle, they several supermarkets are not, because when the bottle into the purchase, the dealer is not refundable exchange, but also is fragile, so the other store are not such goods, they are not my shop, this kind of natural customers will become my shop hidden customers.

there is food, oil, other stores that these goods occupy the store area, but not much profit. And I think that the profit is not much and less, as long as there is a profit. A commodity profit again big, but it does not sell, half a year to sell out, then the profits of the commodity is also equal to zero.

and food, oil is a necessary thing for each household, although a bag of rice is only a small profit, but it is fast, naturally I will earn more. The neighbor’s children to buy small toys, small decals, cost only a few cents, I send her a not money anyway, but their parents are guilty, then I in here to buy a pack of cigarettes, it does not cost me up, little made greater than these small cost profit.

some customers because of busy work, know to eat edible oil at home in the home is not, I come here to buy a few pounds of edible oil, and then take a few bottles of beer, beer profit is certainly better than edible oil profit more. If I do not have to eat these families have to eat grain and oil, then the store will not be popular. Since the grain and oil projects, all the goods in the store are along with the trend!

even if the competition is fierce, but has its own set of small business methods, can have their own business strategy, business can also be hot development, so as to bring more lucrative returns to operators. If you are the owner of a retail store, now you know how to operate it?

A few of the men’s shop success story – sharing

students is an entrepreneurial form a very popular now, many college students have to be self-employed, along with the development of social economy more and more people to join the business boom, their active thinking, have their own ideas, hope to be able to change the world through their own efforts, so they are more inclined to self employment this often bring a sense of achievement and wealth for them, the protagonist is a student to have such thoughts.

27 year old partner Wang Nengqiang said, three clear division of labor, on behalf of Juan Di is responsible for the design of other people responsible for looking for master customized and post sales customer base, located in about 30 years, there is a certain economic base and young men, "the shop clothing is a single product, not mass production". Allegedly, their clothing art breath, unique style, can sell sixty thousand or seventy thousand yuan per quarter, of which 70% for private custom.

them the latest release is the theme of "Qiyan", meaning "perched on the rocks, hiding in the mountains", advocating freedom and integrity. The reporter saw, cotton fabric, plain white breasted, dark color, the style of clothing showing elegant and clever fairies.

Operation Sonnenblume

these two days, there is a word in a lot of people spread widely, that is "sunflower". "Hello, ‘sunflower’," we look for ‘sunflower’, I come to donate"…… It turned out that the people in the mouth of the sunflower is the evening news sunflower city love action.

Following the

Evening News "sunflower" the first big love action volunteers "to send their children to a school" after the start of the hotline contributions donated to the public as one falls, another rises, in a continuous line, from the heavy love like tidewater, the summer corner fell stuffed to the brim.

just a week, the evening news sunflower city love action has gradually penetrated into the city’s various units, communities, families. "Evening news’ sunflower ‘action is too creative! The name of energetic and catchy, particularly good in mind." I did not expect the evening news’ sunflower ‘action as well as novel and unique logo, so the heart must be full of love." I hope the ‘sunflower’ action as the evening news volunteers love action brand, like the eye-catching logo, spread."

in our city into a city when tackling, a large series of actions can lead to the city’s volunteer activities is imminent, therefore, the Xining Evening News Evening News launched a creative "sunflower" the action of love. Evening news sunflower love action aimed at the sun, the warmth of the relay, relay love. "Sunflower" is to bring people good hope of flowers, inspire people to pursue the light. At the same time, sunflower symbolizes a full of love, full of hope.

in order to make the city of love will be a condensed, calling on the city action offer care volunteer activities do sound familiar to everyone, a city to carry out the work of the booster, the evening news editorial board love action group after extensive collection, screening, and ultimately determine the "sunflower" for the evening the city of love action name from 38 candidate list in the city, I hope people from all walks of life to love, let love pass together, hope, dream of flying.

at present, the evening news sunflower love the city’s first large-scale volunteer charity activities to send a bag to carry on.

love is not a drop of water, but a sea. In this ocean of love, we also hope that there will be more willing, responsible, able to love people and love to join the enterprise. For people who need help to cheer, to send warmth to the children in trouble, because you love others, life will be happy and happy to add. We believe that at this time you, the heart must be full of warmth and satisfaction. (author: Sheng Nan)

warm tip:

: please donate items (as long as the new clothes), cash donated directly to the Xining evening news agency Wenbu administration "evening news" sunflower "city love action" group (South Gate Street, No. 43 Xining evening news agency 107, room 113). Donations, donation details will be in the Xining evening news official micro-blog (http://e.t.;