Shanghai dragon A5 diagnostic group teach you distinguish the difference between love and Google Sha


content is king included

ranking for the stability of the basic

Shanghai Longfeng personnel website every day hard maintenance of website, do all kinds of work, whether it is to do the content or the chain, the ultimate goal is to improve the overall ranking of the website, let a website to find a suitable position in the search engine, user search engine related words.

either people or companies, are not designed for a search engine to make a station, then you need to do a lot of websites, the website is certainly need input of manpower and material resources, I believe there will be a few people willing to invest, a website can do what, why many websites together? This is completely unnecessary, so this requires Shanghai Longfeng personnel can according to various search engines to take different corresponding measures, this is the first thing to Shanghai dragon personnel to be able to distinguish the major search engines to slight differences in the. Following on from the professional A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis optimization team to teach you how to distinguish the difference between love and Shanghai Google, the optimization measures do better.

website content is king, so whether the content search engine can be successfully included, this is the key, and good content if it can’t be included in the search engine that is useless. Love Shanghai and Google is not the same as in the collection, there are subtle differences, careful Adsense also believe that Shanghai has found love, for a new content collection for a period of time, included a higher threshold, but if we can have the opportunity to be included, the weights are also good. That it is easier to get ranked, while Google has included the low threshold, on the contrary, the original content is not too high, even if it is a collection of content also can be included, but to be put out, get good rankings, that there is a certain degree of difficulty.

link for the emperor external links


love is either Shanghai or Google are external links very seriously, the link for the emperor this sentence is not just talk, but meaningful, pay special attention to the external links of noble baby, not so high requirements on the page settings, the layout of the keywords are also the same, not for these noble baby so much, but if you are more careful, you can easily find the row in front of, basically the quality of external links are very high, the number is more than the average, but with the layout of the page no matter too much what. The degree of attention and love Shanghai Google external links is light then, but the correlation of the page itself is very high, such as: the page layout of the keywords, the number, density and so on, these are likely to set reasonable to help improve the keywords ranking. But if there are too many keywords, the number is not reasonable, resulting in the phenomenon of keyword stuffing, then Shanghai will love on your site for punishment, but Google is not due to these factors on your site of punishment.

How to choose the target web site keywords

from the above tools you can understand the words you choose in the end how many people in the search, the degree of competition in

when choosing target keywords and target keywords to be able to accurately reflect the main content of your site.

can use the tools you need to select the following keywords and target keywords

3. target words in general on the site’s home page title.

2. target keywords that we want users to search keywords that what word into our website,

3. love Shanghai promotion background keywords tool (tuiguang.baidu贵族宝贝.) 360, sougou promotion background tool.

select the target keywords not too much, because too many keywords, website ranking is hard to do. It’s like you have 10 dollars, you average to 10 people, get 1 dollars so everyone. If you have 10 dollars, you send it to 2 people, then everyone will get 5 dollars. You 10 dollars as a search engine is assigned to your weight, your each person finally get the money as the final weight of each keyword. For >

6. target keywords if there is more than one, then these words must be relevant, must be complementary role.

2. love Shanghai index 贵族宝贝index.baidu贵族宝贝/

1. Google keyword tool https://adwords. noble baby贵族宝贝/select/KeywordToolExternal


5. target words in general 1 to 3.

what is the target keywords

target keywords far more than a few, so how do we choose target keywords

4. target keywords bring traffic to the site are generally large.

when choosing target keywords, does not necessarily have to choose keywords traffic is very large, because the love of Shanghai index of high word, competition is relatively intense. The fierce competition in Shanghai dragon, it is difficult to optimize the home page. Have a reason, love Shanghai high index of the word, the conversion rate is not high, even if you had a tremendous effort to do this keywords into your home, you finally found the website is a lot of people, can be transformed is very low.

1. target words that we often say that the website main keywords

example: the title of your website is Shanghai dragon. Website optimization, then your website content should be around the site optimization and construction content.


target keywords how to choose? This is a question worth considering. Because of the keyword choose wrong, work hard in vain. The same selection of keywords will be less.

? The characteristics of

To explain the actual case of small and medium enterprises more competitive station

for keywords on my website, a total of product water truck, tank truck, truck cranes, garbage trucks, refrigerated trucks, the 8 types of chemical vehicles, liquefied gas tanker, high-altitude operation car, meaning that a cake I divided into 8 copies, so each keyword the resource is very few, this website has been launched for half a year, but still there is no ranking of these keywords. Of course, no ranking is normal, because my competitor’s website although the website in the same way several models, but in their title and the chain, are just focused on one or two models, so they are relatively more competitive, so I this idea is very large and complete failure. This idea makes me as a warning for the future, began to small and fine aspects to development. In June this year, the company launched a new model, called LED car advertising, that is to take this product I added to my website, but I insist to do an independent site, to verify my opinion. Finally spent half a month’s time, including product upload website construction has been completed, please see below:

is now the Shanghai dragon station to do business should still occupy the majority, an enterprise may be up to several types of products, but small business station is small and fine or large, how to choose and plan, must be taken into account before we build enterprise station problem. Through my own experience to illustrate some of the advantages and disadvantages for everyone.


new website launched in July 30th, the site from top to bottom are described in this LED advertising vehicle models, now is the time of 18 days, but the effect is very obvious, I one day only in the A5 cast a soft, finally in 18 days, the target keyword row to the top twenty. Although the words of love Shanghai index is not high, but there are still a certain competitive, because in front of about 10 love Shanghai, should still have the commercial value. To see if we cut a figure:


first we have to learn to use the principle of cake. The weight of a web site as a cake, if more content on your site, then get the weight of each resource is less, but in reality we often love to eat a big fat man, always thinking about the full flowering, the result of this is a keyword ranking did not do. So in our hands is certain, how many words of the site keywords on our website competitiveness has a direct relationship. So if you are small, only two to three words, focus your resources, so as to get a better ranking. This is what we call the small business site is small and fine, but this does not seem much convincing to explain to my two website:

my new website station is around the keywords LED advertising vehicle to start, the user enters my site is not found.

The red box above

The improvement of Shanghai Longfeng ethos to the truth of case

Let’s look at the

two, click on the ranking and one




on which we can see a picture of the past 5 years in Shanghai Longfeng data records, so the site’s domain name has no ground for blame for 6 years, or even longer, do Shanghai dragon knows, domain name age is a crucial factor of affecting the website ranking, can be said that a good domain name in Shanghai Longfeng optimization in at least 5 more, that is to say as long as your domain name good no violation records, domain name age is long enough, your ranking will certainly better, such as: Shanghai dragon stick a day, you see people Zac boss sent outside the chain, there are often updated? So a domain age is important.

We analyzed second

" click said light >

website Luo Yang Shi today with Chengdu Shanghai dragon the word stable website first statement, Yang Shi only from their own point of view to analyze the website, and nothing else, the word Chengdu Shanghai dragon competition says big, say small is also like that, or Yang Shi established the site initially that sentence, Chengdu Shanghai dragon and Chengdu website optimization these two words for a professional Shanghai dragon Er really do not want to do, but the value is not large, but recently viewed in some areas of Shanghai Longfeng words, basically can see a student agency website, from the chart you can see the top 5 name 4 are, of course figure circle marked the Yang Shi website, Yang Shi is also very depressed, is powerful Shanghai Longfeng elders are all dead? (not malicious, just caused outrage) Such a situation is nothing more than a generous words inspired institutions detest the world and its ways and a number of new friends to create value and honor for them to tell the truth, you go. Fortunately, they will in the open class ah what class you didn’t mention, you put it, this thing is Shanghai Dragon in order to have a dream, a shortcut to love the Internet friends, but some institutions are using this shameless practices to create their own value, using some existing resources to deceive a fledgling man with a dream, good nonsense not say, or look at the poem on the analysis views the Chengdu Shanghai Luo Yang the dragon’s website.

The word "

webmaster tools of interception of the pictures displayed on the webmaster tools information, domain name registration number was 1 years and 4 months and 8 days, of course, this is not possible, Yang Shi used the overseas well-known domain name chain checking tool to study the domain name, the domain name age at least in fact more than 6 years, some high data can’t see, because Yang Shi network, real age has been unable to view this website with the domain name with another tool abroad, so here to say sorry, but this tool, at least 6 years, we can see a screenshot of the

, a domain name analysis

The spider cloud era, search ranking night automatic screen

as the seller of the software can not be achieved by extrapolation of automatic guided cloud spider love Shanghai, crawling, included extrapolation paste function, the recommended novice shop because the novice just does not have its own * * * spider resources in, delete posts before time will lead to difficult spider.

saw more than a few snapshot ranking case, some did not come into contact with the extrapolation is yilengyileng don’t know how to do, how can one night ranked so much, or automatic

, for example, you will see

belongs to the

said automatic is exaggerated, keywords have to prepare a lot of their own industry, are generally thousands of tens of thousands of words, copied to the extrapolation software, write their own contact, then a lot of hair, generally a good software efficiency one day send thousands of thousands are normal. The screen is so sent, the first step to select with automatic collection > cloud spider

screen! screen!



software has been selected, how to carry on the automatic


screen? ?

example 1: loose some time ago Bowen wrote "3 days 30 thousand combat record"

example 2: love Shanghai site:www.douban贵族宝贝 fine gold

, automatic screen snapshot ranking overnight, then can continue to look down.

because the word limit, I am afraid you can not write more on my simple bar.


why is the cloud era spider night snapshot ranking automatic screen

Want to learn

screen PowerWord extrapolation

example 3: love Shanghai site:www.wowsai贵族宝贝 fine gold

do not come and extrapolation sometimes get to post URL to send the chain guide love Shanghai spiders included post will be deleted, white hair. The general post the next few minutes or sometimes extrapolated post by the webmaster, must let the spider climb to love Shanghai in the deleted before.

continued to loose some time ago to write a blog post "3 days 30 thousand" combat record screen PowerWord extrapolation that is using extrapolation software to third party site to post high weight, the spider to included posts, so as to achieve the night included tens of thousands of PowerWord

software need to ask before buying to sell software developers have extrapolated docking cloud spider included automatic function, if not can bypass the

, why do you say that?Because

, first of all, you can search on the QQ group or love Shanghai search, post extrapolation extrapolation software will appear in a variety of ranking software.


Why do web sites in the end of the world become weak

The basic reason for the decline of the

industry lies in backwardness – backward products + backward thinking, and consistently doing farm work in the Internet industry.

the world’s most successful products, it is the foundation of this, the BBS, in the year to attract a lot of people, see now, so many years, it is still a patchwork, backward technology, poor user experience behind the product. Browsing experience, post experience, interactive experience, user incentive design, adhesion to 11 for example, some answer upstairs said something, want to know, on the horizon to see 30 minutes post and try to know their post interaction. The background operation platform of the webmaster and the staff is also very bad. Editing the text format also requires handwritten code. The webmaster has long relied on the tools written by netizens to kill advertisements.

instability, exhaust, post can not be issued, maps can not be posted, and even unable to login, often occur. The staff at "Ya uncle and smoke", netizens showed "we give to Tianya buy a server", occasionally sell laugh so long only adorable, ha ha.

Before the

user account, password, registered mail is total, a large number of users privacy leak, it is convenient to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, many people are human, the great cause of muckraking skinner. I know that some of the end of the world employees are also complacent, just exposed, the user privacy, security and management of the bad, shocking.

products lag behind, but still thinking backward. Not willing to make snap change the entire forum from the underlying architecture, not many years of tradition, the user does not know the old familiar with these traditional has lost much (they are also well adapted to the UI design, new products, and fast) how many new users of such old products no pains, which is prohibitive, newborn? In my opinion, it’s easy to far higher than the BBS, but not.

The backwardness of

thinking is not only manifested in the innovation of old products, but also in the development and operation of new products.

What is the new trend of

recently Tianya? Is the end of a micro theory, in the publicity release called to challenge the WeChat products. I took a moment to get to know it, and found it was "Tianya tribe" + "come" + some other functions.

Xing Ming admits that in the social field of acquaintances, it is difficult to have products to shake WeChat, but based on the interest of strangers, there is still a huge demand space for mobile social space.

I want to know, "based on strangers mobile social interest on this point, micro Tianya what with watercress group, Baidu Post Bar? Tianya laiba and tribal do many years, do what I don’t Tucao, see at a glance.

always chasing the Internet hot behind the ass run. Do the question and answer, is also working with Google, what results? Before it can mix a half-dead, occasionally also find useful answers.

Take the name not to blindly follow the trend of personality

Chinese people like to follow a variety of things to do and copy, I do not know, the original competition is very intense, and then follow suit, leading to greater competition in business. Don’t know what time to start, walk in the street, with a variety of "Grandpa", "Uncle" and "aunt" suffix name, from time to time into the line of sight. These names have many "popular" shadow, creative or from the television drama, or from the field of brand success.

whether it is defined as "climbing relatives" or "popular", in essence, is the beginning of the cottage and vulgar popular culture projection. Hit the face shop, not only in Yangzhou, but also not only in the store, online and even more serious. For example, a "phenomenal work" came out, the name of the protagonist, used items, and many of its related debris, will be borrowed to become a unique business phenomenon. Some also know to change a few words, and some are simply "doctrine", the word does not change.

indeed, in this era of eyeball, have a good name, it is very important for entrepreneurs. But not all hit the face of the name, are involved in legal disputes. For example, the popular drama, all seats, each of its name, if no one party is not registered, the legal issues involved. But follow suit is a popular natural enemy. In this era of attaching importance to individual value, there is a lot of people who do not mix with vulgar pop, some people are sensitive to "popular lipstick". Such consumers in the past, there are now, more in the future.

and the name is the direct embodiment of enterprise culture. In a shop are blindly follow the trend of entrepreneurs, how many cultural taste? Look back, around the "old Chinese", which is named after the trend? Therefore, an aspiring entrepreneurs to become bigger and stronger, not a handle in this area. Step back, some entrepreneurs just want to earn a little money, did not want a hundred years". However, the other side is popular in this mortal, "the leading position for 35 days", another name cannot be 35 days?

quality is the best advertising. No quality as a support, even if the moment to attract the eye, it is difficult to win repeat customers. In this regard can find too many practical examples. Some people say, I do not want to repeat customers, as long as 4 million 600 thousand of the people of Yangzhou, a person on a trip. This is a somewhat imaginary component. The age of the Internet, thanks to the media, word of mouth, face to effect got the biggest highlight, can be a difficult group of pit pit. Therefore, it is more important to use the mind to improve quality.

is really a good name, and not just rely on the name to attract people, also need to have more content, so it can attract more consumers. In short, the real good name should be vivid, from form, to have cultural taste, to bring good feelings to people; from God, to have the quality of content, quality should have excellent as >

Health care has become a hot spot in the market is a good opportunity to grasp

select a project with market demand, in order to get rich faster. With the change of social development and people’s life style, by modern people’s cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, low back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, insomnia, headache, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and other chronic disease incidence increased year by year, alone can not cure drug treatment.

1 project advantages, broad market space. Authoritative data show that the incidence of cervical spondylosis in China reached 10%, diabetes   about 70000000, dyslipidemia up to 200 million, the incidence of rheumatoid arthritis of up to 2. 8%, a variety of chronic diseases showed an upward trend year by year, chronic diseases can not be cured by drugs alone, due to the toxic effects of drugs, often a disease into a number of diseases. Traditional Chinese medicine appropriate technology with its complex, convenient, effective, cheap advantage, can prevent dozens of rare diseases and chronic diseases, will quickly become popular market. Experts predict that by 2015, China’s health market share of nearly 10000 yuan, into the health industry, will never be eliminated, there is no investment risk.

2, weak policy support efforts. The State Council since 2008 at the end of the start of "zhiweibing" engineering; State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine of traditional Chinese medicine service in 2010 put forward the "three projects" (into the community, into the family, into the country); national human resources and social security of the 2010 launch of the Chinese medicine industry – specific types of scraping medicine division and health guidance division; the State Council (2010) No. 58 document "on further encourage and guide social capital held views of medical institutions" requirements: the implementation of occupation qualification certificate system, encouraging staff have the skills to hold Chinese medical institutions gradually establish and perfect; doctors and the combination of Chinese medicine personnel occupation skill of preventive health care service providing system. The service provided by the system of professional and technical personnel, there are hundreds of thousands or even millions of people. Ordinary people through the training of Chinese medicine industry can also become a professional technical personnel, which for the public to enter the Chinese medicine health industry paved the way.

3, solid and reliable skills training. At present, there are a lot of Social Health Museum, foot shop, beauty salon, massage parlors, although is also the name of traditional Chinese medicine brand, but the real right after Chinese professional training professionals are not orthodox > scanty.

There is a secret force Lucai shop can make money on the four words

as the saying goes, everything is hard in the beginning, a Lucai franchise to successfully opened, is not an easy thing. Only the full preparation of the preliminary work, and join the headquarters to carry out close cooperation, in order to pave the way for the future business.

Royal emblem halogen headquarter money set up Fang Lucai catering operations experienced gold marketing team, headquartered in teach you how to cook at the same time, also teach you how to make your marketing, keeping up with market trends, lead rich direction, to help you easily make money. The headquarters of the Royal emblem halogen Fang Lucai franchisee provider to provide a full range of support and services, implementation of the "pre-sale, sale, customer service" seamless docking, namely from the shop location, decoration layout, operation skills, activity plan for your guide track, attentive service, to ensure a support, a home, and at the same time must the success of A.

really will do business people, for their own business shop, there will be a suitable scheme and the countermeasures. Lucai shop is no exception. Whether small or large enterprises Lucai shop, operating principle is the same, set up the brand effect.

Royal emblem halogen Fang brand management implementation Lucai, the cooperative store unified headquarters brand VI image and decoration layout, the headquarters will join the brand on TV, websites, newspapers and other multi platform strong promotion of Royal emblem halogen square, so that the brand image of the people, polymerization of high popularity, help the franchisee to achieve maximum benefits once, cooperation, sustainable management, and the Royal emblem together to create a hundred years old halogen fang.

All join

>, a variable

During the Spring Festival, the six major projects to make money

new year new business opportunities, the year of the monkey is coming, many people who want to do poineering work have been thinking about what to do during the Spring Festival and the spring festival. Today, let Xiaobian for you to recommend some of the money during the Spring Festival project to earn your first pot of gold.

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